5 Reasons Why This Parisian Music Festival Is Fancier Than Coachella

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While Coachella is considered the crème de la crème of music festivals, Lollapalooza Paris‘ VIP experiences will give festival lovers a newfound joie de vivre. The event is held in the City of Light’s picture perfect Longchamp Racecourse, a famous venue that has been hosting prestigious horse races since 1857. Despite it being every attendee and influencer alike’s dream content, you’ll instantly notice that very few people have their phones out in the VIP sections.

This is because, Lolla Paris isn’t about being seen. Those who splurge on the luxury options — priced at up to 779 euros per day — are actually more concerned about the quality of the event. Esteemed guests may be snapping a few selfies or Instagrams, but people are really there to eat amazing food and listen to even better music. In short, you truly get what you pay for in Paris and with festival prices rapidly increasing stateside, perhaps it’s time to explore options across the pond for more top drawer musical moments.

1. Car service is included.

Forget uncomfortable shuttles or walking ridiculous routes to get to the main festival grounds. Lolla Paris wants to pamper their VIP guests with luxurious black car service to and from the premium gates. You may have to stand in line for a bit if you’re exiting when everyone else is trying to leave, but at least the wait for an air-conditioned ride is well worth it.

2. A no nonsense weekend.

Aside from Lolla Paris VIP being clear of people wanting to record every moment, the audience also skews towards the older and more established end. After all, 779 euros is quite pricey for only one day at a festival. If you’re trying to get away from the teenage crowd or just younger people who can’t handle their alcohol, know that you’ll be safe here.

3. Designer bags only.

When it comes to festival fashion, Parisians and other foreigners skip the pasties, crop tops, and daisy duke denim shorts. In place of your standard summer festival look — which can be deemed rather inappropriate — people instead, come with their effortless and on-trend sense of style. To sum things up, there’s no shortage of Saint Laurent or Dior bags with these wristbands.

4. Gourmet food and cocktails.

Gold and VIP platinum tickets come with soft open bars that of course, include champagne along with a coveted cocktail dinner prepared by a chef. Think about it, when was the last time you had a real dinner at a music festival? On top of that, there are plenty of cocktail options beyond VIP that even use real glasses because you deserve more than a tiny plastic cup.

5. The Eiffel Tower.

Art installations are a huge part of any festival experience. At Lolla Paris, you can expect the best as there’s a magnificent Eiffel Tower replica right in the middle of all the action. If you stay long enough, the structure will even light up just like the real one in the heart of the French capital.



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