7 Ways to Gear Your Girls Up for the New Year (and the 2021 Wedding Planning Season)

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For those of you who may have gotten engaged throughout this trying time we call 2020, that shiny new ring on your finger is an obvious bright spot, and you’re going to want to lean into that glow as much as possible! Your girls, on the other hand, may have had less-than-ideal years, so it’s not hard to imagine that they might not be on your level of ‘let’s goooo’ yet. We get it, we get it well, because we’re all there ourselves – trying not to lose sight of the things that brought us smiles and doses (however small) of happiness this year. 

Now, as the bride, you for sure have a lot of stuff on your plate when it comes to planning, making changes and/or considering concessions (because that’s the name of the game in 2020), but you’re also in a great position to be the honorary hype person for your girl group. Your bridesmaids will be there for you one day soon, standing by your side and supporting your love and your life after the I Dos, so if you can swing it right now, be their shoulder to cry on, their voice of reason, their morning motivator, their vote of confidence, and so much more. If we can borrow something from today’s trending social world, the #MyElf memes, for example: be the #AboutToSayIDoOnTheCrew, #SoonToBeWifeOnHerBffsForLife, and our favorite, #BrideWithGoodVibesOnTheWillGetThereSoonTribe. (Not exactly Oprah on Chopra, but we tried 😜

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