Valérie Plante presses new solstice festival to emphasize Fête nationale


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In the face of backlash on social media, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante is demanding a new music festival celebrating the summer solstice rebrand its posters to play up Quebec’s public holiday.

The first edition of the Festival du Solstice d’été takes place over three days, including the June 24 holiday, in the city’s Southwest borough. The borough is one of the organizers.

“I demand that the organizers of the Festival du Solstice d’été redo their posters, and showcase the Fête nationale. If there’s a time to display, affirm, and not erase, it’s this,” Plante tweeted Thursday. 

The festival will be headlined by Acadian hip hop artists Radio Radio and Quebec’s Loco Locass, known for its strong stance on sovereignty.

Biz, one of the members of Loco Locass, tweeted Wednesday he found out about the festival’s branding at the same time as everyone else.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s clear that we will celebrate, St. Jean, the national holiday of all Quebecers,” he wrote.

In a statement Monday, the borough said Fête nationale is “at the heart of the celebrations.” It said the festival highlights activities and acts representing the history and culture of Quebec.

“The Fête nationale du Quebec is already very popular in our borough,” said Benoit Dorais, the mayor of the borough.

“We are now thinking even bigger with this festival that highlights the richness of our roots in an inclusive and united space.”

The festival will run from June 22 to 24 on Notre-Dame Street.






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