Oliver Stone presented his “Revealing Ukraine” documentary at Taormina Film Festival – Oliver Stone presented his “Revealing Ukraine” documentary at Taormina Film Festival



65th Taormina Film Festival. Opening ceremony

Svetlana Soroka Photographer

Oscar-winning American film director Oliver Stone presented his Revealing Ukraine documentary at the 65th Taormina Film Festival, which kicked off in Sicilian eastern coast on June 30.

In his documentary Stone aimed to track the history of Ukraine since the Soviet Union collapse and acquiring independence until now. The director tried to answer the question – how a country with all every possible resource for the success ended up in credits and stagnation, how to track the development of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, to puzzle out the relations of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Thus the director sounded a note of warning that Ukraine can become a battle area for the new war between NATO and Russia.

When shooting the film Stone took an interview from the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Head of the political council of the For Life opposition platform Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife, Ukrainian TV-presenter Oksana Marchenko, various political scientists and experts.

In his interview with Stone, Putin announced that he believes that the rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia is inevitable.

Besides, Viktor Medvedchuk told about his disputes with Putin. American experts told about the scandal on Ukraine’s interference in the U.S. elections.

On July 13, the documentary will be broadcasted on the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

As we reported earlier, the 65th Taormina Film Festival kicks off on June 30, in Sicily. Taormina Film Fest is a European film festival, which annually takes place in the end of June in a Sicilian resort town on the hills of the Tauro Mountain.



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