Michigan Middle School Substitute Teacher Shows Porn to His Seventh Grade Class


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Earlier today, I wrote about a seventh grade teacher testing his students by way of multiple choice questions promoting the idea that odious Donald Trump smells up America (here).

Well, here’s a totally different way a public school teacher stunk up the joint.

As reported by ABC 13, at O.L. Smith Middle School in Dearborn, Michigan Wednesday, a substitute teacher started a streaming video about Lewis and Clark for the 12-year-old skulls full o’ mush.

Aaah, good ol’ explorers L&Cold school education.

But lo and behold: An entirely different sort of exploration hit the flatscreen.

As the kids watched in amazement, across the boobtube flashedporn.

For half a minute.

Reading, writing, and a-writhe-metic.


Guess they won’t be needing that sex ed course this year.

Michigan has some kind of problem: According to CBS affiliate WNEM, back in October of 2017, a sub at Saginaw Public Schools in Mid-Michigan accidentally showed pornographic videos to a sixth grade class. The teacher had been hired through a staffing agency for several school districts. He was removed and won’t be allowed back.

If you’re reading this in Michigan, y’all might wanna go back to video tapes. Less chance of an accident.



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