Film festival organizers hope to boost Duluth economy


DULUTH, MN — Those behind a film fest coming to Duluth this fall say they hope to help the area’s economy in the process.

The Catalyst Content Festival is aiming to attract industry leaders from Netflix, HBO and more to Duluth, and organizers say industry leaders will be looking for projects varying from independent television shows, podcasts, and other content.

To help make the festival a reality, the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board and St. Louis County awarded the non profit a total of $200,000.

Festival organizers say that taxpayer money will directly benefit Duluth’s economy, and say they’re working on a production guide to help film crews eyeing the Duluth area as a possible filming location.

The guide will list area carpenters, electricians, hotels,and other businesses that would be involved in the creation of a tv or movie set, and executive director Philip Gilpin Junior says the guide will be a one stop shop for production companies.

“Is it’s an economic development tool so that when the producers from the industry are here in Duluth in October, we can hand them this guide and say ‘oh you can shoot your next project here. And the more projects we can attract to the area that just means more money and jobs for everyone in the region,” said Gilpin.

Gilpin says the reason for bringing the festival to Duluth because of the the city’s thriving art industry.

Catalyst will be announcing its Duluth Host committee and a celebrity attending the festival in the weeks to come.

The film festival will be held in Duluth between October 6th and 13th.

Click here to learn more about the film festival.


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