Blackrocks Brewery hides golden tickets at Forestville Festival


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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – If you’ve been looking for a way into Blackrocks Brewery’s mug club, there may be a chance this weekend.

Blackrocks Brewing will be hiding two golden tickets at the Forestville Festival this weekend, at the Noquemanon Forestville trailhead.

Anyone who finds a golden ticket will be eligible to purchase a mug from Blackrocks, and join the mug club.

Blackrocks staff say traditional mug club sales can be hectic and disappointing for customers who don’t buy a mug in time, so they decided to do a scavenger hunt type of sale.

“You know, kind of go Willy Wonka style,” says Blackrocks Pirate of Propaganda, Steve Farr. “Hide some golden tickets around, leave some clues, kind of get people out around the town. We try to put them in maybe neat areas that people might hot have explored before even if you live in town, so it kind of gets you to see a little more of Marquette, and just kind of had some fun with it.”

If you won’t be at the festival this weekend, there still may be a chance. Farr says the brewery is planning on hiding around 20 more tickets around the greater Marquette area this summer. Clues for the tickets whereabouts will be given.






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