Tomorrowland drug searches remain the same despite festival-goer’s death


Federal police will continue to perform the same thorough anti-drug searches at the Tomorrowland festival. 

Police spokesman Sarah Frederickx said the searches have not been modified since a man died at the festival. The Antwerp Prosecutor’s office said a 27-year-old man died in hospital after a drug overdose at the festival. 

“We are continuing to perform thorough searches and operate a zero-tolerance policy. We are focusing on having a visible police presence at the festival entrance and are working with the organisers to warn the public about the dangers and let them know what will happen if they are found to be carrying drugs: the drugs will be confiscated and they will be banned from the festival,” the police spokesman said. 

Any festival-goer could be searched. “Sniffer dogs will help decide who will be searched,” he said. 

The searches have not changed since a festival-goer died from an apparent drug overdose on Friday. Police and organisers have said they are trying to make festival-goers aware of the dangers. There are banners reminding the public how dangerous drugs can be on this year’s festival site and campsite. 

Sarah Johansson

The Brussels Times


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