Coachella Sexual Assault Prompts Music Festival Changes


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Lollapalooza, the final prong in the trifecta of major summer festivals, seems to be taking a tack similar to Coachella. On their website, several clicks in, one can find their Safety at Lolla page with instructions on what to do if you face harassment at the festival and declaring their “zero tolerance” policy. Festival-goers are directed to report instances of sexual violence or harassment at the nearest medical tent or to visit a table for the #OurMusicMyBody campaign co-run by Between Friends, a nonprofit that advocates for survivors of domestic violence, and Resilience, a nonprofit dedicated to working with survivors of sexual violence. In a 2017 study jointly conducted by the two groups, they found that 92% of women reported experience sexual harassment at Chicago music events. While having some on-the-ground resources is a step up from doing nothing at all, there may be an even more effective way to spread the message — and it’s not signs and branding.






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