Popular annual festival set to return next year in Connah’s Quay


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A POPULAR Flintshire festival is set to return next year following its success this summer.

At their monthly meeting, Connah’s Quay councillors were told that preparations were going to be put into place to organise the 2020 summer festival.

Town Centre manager Lisa Fearn asked members for any feedback to make next year’s festival bigger and better.

She said: “I think everyone that went would say the same, it was really successful.

“The idea is to repeat it next year however we are going to start our committee meetings, I would like some feedback if anyone has got any on how we can improve it.

“The arena I think was a great success, possibly we need to have a bit more music in the arena so we can get a bit more engagement as well.

“It was great, fantastic, it was amazing. The band were brilliant, and it is cost neutral so there’s no cost to council, it pays for itself.”

The Leader previously reported that hundreds of people turned up to the festival, held at Wepre Park, in June 2019.

Cllr Ron Hill said: “I would just like to congratulate the people concerned in the running and organising of the festival, it was a credit to everyone, an excellent festival.

“The people of Connah’s Quay had a fantastic day.”

The annual festival is organised by a committee, which Lisa Fearn said is ‘strong’ due to the number of organisations on board.

Cllr Ian Dunbar added: “The weather was perfect.

“The amount of people that came out because of the noise that was going on from the parade. Last time the streets were empty around most of the Dee Road.

“This time you couldn’t fault it, they were coming out and they were loving it.”

Preparations are already underway for next year’s festival.






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