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Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – The Fulton Polish Home held its 14th annual Polish Festival yesterday, Sept. 28.

Cars packed the parking lot as members of the community joined together in the main hall and outside pavilion of the Polish Home, 153 W. 1st St. S., to enjoy Polish dishes, live performances of polka music and dancing. 

Jasiu Klocek with his strolling accordion and Special Delivery, a polka band from Buffalo, featured as the live entertainment for the afternoon and evening.

David Morrell, has been a member of the Polish Home for about 30 years and is now its president. He said he estimates the festival to bring in between 1200 and 1500 people each year to celebrate Polish heritage.

“A lot of the older crowd, the seniors, they really enjoy the music and the dancing,” Morrell said. “I think the festival just gives everyone a reason to come out and enjoy the music, the food, the camaraderie. It’s a nice social event and it helps us raise some money to maintain the building.”

Morrell said the festival began after one of the members’ parents visited the Polish Home and suggested to hold a large event in the main hall.

Tony Terramiggi, the bar manager of the Polish Home, is one of the people responsible for running the festival. He has been a member for about 17 years. He has overseen fish dinners, functions and the annual festival.

“It’s just something they’ve been doing year after year and everybody enjoys coming to it,” Terramiggi said. “You get people from all over the state who comes and joins us.”

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