Warner Fall Foliage Festival 2019


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Published: 10/12/2019 9:53:08 PM

Modified: 10/12/2019 9:52:54 PM

For Haeleigh Hyatt of Aim High Canines, it’s a homecoming at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival.

“This is an event I have gone to with my family since I was barely walking so I reached out to them last year; I approached them about doing a show here, and the event coordinator said, ‘Come on in.’ It’s been like a full circle thing, a way of giving back,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt and her border collie, Wren, stole the Saturday afternoon show with jumps, twists and full-flight catches of a flying disk. But for Hyatt, it is more than just having Wren back perform.

“She has overcome a ton to do this stuff; I started doing this with her when she was a puppy and she really excelled at it, then she was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago and it was devastating. We worked really hard to get it under control. We brought her back into the shows – she’s really something special.”

Even with the cloudy weather, the crowds came out in force. The festival runs through Sunday.






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