Festival co-ordinator set to be appointed for town’s popular events


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After it was announced that this year would be the last year Bishop’s Castle festival organisers are involved with planning and undertaking the town’s many popular events, the town council has agreed to contract a festivals co-ordinator to pick up the burden.

Current volunteers of the Michaelmas Fair said they would be stepping down after this year’s 25th anniversary due to a huge workload thanks to the growing popularity of the events.

Keith Whiddon, of the Michaelmas Fair Committee, said the events turn over a lot of money and it can become a full-time job because they have gotten so big.

The committee is looking to appoint someone to work across the festivals, including the Michaelmas Fair, Party in the Park and other major events, to look after admin, street closures and finance matters.

Volunteers are also needed, but the co-ordinator would be a paid position, due to the vital nature of the festivals to the town’s economy.

Keith said the estimated cost of the position would be £6,420 based on two days work a week pro rota, and that the Michaelmas Fair Committee are keen to employ someone this year.

Bishop’s Castle Town Council have agreed to meet any shortfall of the cost of hiring a co-ordinator from the committee’s grant money.






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