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The gaming community has been going wild after Steam announced its recent game festival. A number of offers and discounts can be seen on Steam’s website on such occasions. This is not a usual event and has thus created much anticipation amongst the gamers. To help you guys, we have managed to gather all the information we have about the same. Read more to know about the Steam Game Festival.

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About Steam Game Festival 

Steam makers have been the talk of the gaming community after they announced their  Steam game festival. The players have been going crazy over this new festival. This is because the makers usually offer huge discounts and offer on their products on their special festivals. The February festival of Steam is going to feature some of the most interesting and exciting developer live streams and chats and also give it viewers more than  500 demos of games across different genres. Hidden Deep, Boomerang X, Rain on Your Parade, Genesis Noir, The Bloodline, God strike, Cats and the Other Lives, Graven, SkateBird, Ashwalkers, Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron – Flyboyz Edition, Glitchpunk, are some of the games that are expected to be seen on Steam game festival that is going to happen in February.

 This will go on only till February 9 so do not get lazy or the worst, late for such events. But don’t worry if you are not going to make it to the festival. Some Steam leaks and sources also suggest that Steam’s Lunar New Year sale might just be around the corner. It could start just two days after the Game Festival. Some popular Steam leaks have surfaced on the internet and they mention that the Steam Lunar New Year sale is going to start from  February 11 and go on until February 15.

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More about Steam

In recent times, the autumn sale is known to be Steam’s biggest sale till now. But after seeing PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft, Epic, Ubisoft, EA, and more offers for these companies, the Steam store might just have to put in some of the newest releases like Cold War, Valhalla or more. The Twitter account of Steam also shared a post that said, “Come play what’s next with hundreds of demos of upcoming games, available to play for free from now ’til February 9th! Stick around for livestreams, developer Q&As + more!”

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