American Woke-ism Is an Existential Threat

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Want to know a good canary in the coal mine for the Prozis (Prot zee or another name for Progressive Socialists)?  Well, a good place to start is the progressive socialist utopia of France.  The country that has been the go-to example of what the radical left wants for America, has sent some signals to their biggest cheerleaders:  Your woke-ism is a threat to France, as our own Brandon Morse noted earlier this week.

From the NYT:

“French politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism — are undermining their society. “There’s a battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities,’’ warned Mr. Macron’s education minister.”

As I was in grad school over the course of the last several years, I watched as classmates used evidenceless claims and logical fallacies that would make David Hogg proud, to prove their points for their socialist utopias.  Oftentimes, these arguments involved appeals to emotion or ad hominem attacks, suggesting that their policy suggestions were “fair” and that opposition to their policy amounted to racism, sexism, or homophobia. Not only were these suggestions ridiculous on their face, but what was more alarming was the agreement they received from others within the class.  During my final year of getting my MBA, I studied in Germany, Sweden, and at a French business school in Morocco.  I found that many of the corporate policies required by the EU bordered on ridiculous, as they focused on diversity rather than qualification.

One of my professors in Morocco was a gentleman who had previously worked for several presidents of France. At the time, he found my conservatism, despite me being a product of the American Education System, to be fascinating.  He and I would engage in conversation before and after class, oftentimes surrounding American policy and President Donald Trump.  What I expected from him was outright hatred for Trump but instead was surprised by the admiration and respect he held for him.  His concern about American policy didn’t originate with Trump or his administration but instead with what he described as the fascist left, which sought policies he felt were not beneficial to the US, or even the French.

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When the progressive left in the US has lost the French, you know there’s a problem.  Let’s also be clear that these criticisms didn’t come from some random low-level official within the French government, but instead from the French president himself.

“Mass protests in France against police violence, inspired by the killing of George Floyd, challenged the official dismissal of race and systemic racism. A #MeToo generation of feminists confronted both male power and older feminists. A widespread crackdown following a series of Islamist attacks raised questions about France’s model of secularism and the integration of immigrants from its former colonies.

Some saw the reach of American identity politics and social science theories. Some center-right lawmakers pressed for a parliamentary investigation into “ideological excesses’’ at universities and singled out “guilty’’ scholars on Twitter.

Mr. Macron — who had shown little interest in these matters in the past but has been courting the right ahead of elections next year — jumped in last June, when he blamed universities for encouraging the “ethnicization of the social question’’ — amounting to “breaking the republic in two.’’

It isn’t like we didn’t see this coming.  At some point, when the left is coming for the likes of Van Jones, you know that they’ve taken a dump off the crazy cliff.  For Macron and other French leaders to attribute American woke-ism, and not Chinese or Russian aggressions seen in recent years, as an existential threat to French sovereignty and stability is quite funny.  Notice it wasn’t “right-wing terrorists” or Trump supporters, but rather the very people who believe they are engaged in some holy quest against imagined slights. Remember this country is separated from us by an ocean and they still feel it is a threat.  Imagine how much more the mentally unstable products of our higher education system affect American policy.  They are literally running companies that are now targeting conservative voices and organizations for silencing.  They are in the media They are in the newly inaugurated Biden Administration.  Woke-ism is a cancer, and if other countries are worried about it destroying their country, maybe we should start considering treatment.

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