Americans Say Hell, Yes, We’re Better Off Now Under Trump Then We Were Four Years Ago

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Gallup: Americans Say Hell, Yes, We're Better Off Now Under Trump Then We Were Four Years Ago

In the wake of a record turnout for an incumbent president in New Hampshire, President Donald Trump is flying high and looking good for re-election.

Part of the reason was revealed in a Gallup poll this week.

Americans were asked if they were better off now under Trump then they were four years ago?

Americans have answered that with a resounding, “Yes!” These are huge numbers, with 60% saying yes, higher than other presidents who were then re-elected.

This is not just random thinking, as the question is asking if they feel it in their personal lives, and they feel it easier to buy things they want.

Democrats have been attacking the economy but these people know that’s not true. So not only are the Democrats not pitching the right message to win these people, but these people know that they’re being false because they feel the difference.

From Townhall:

On the latter point, it’s an article of faith on the Left and in most of the media that America’s standing in the world is diminished under this president — and that Barack Obama restored the respect that was lost during the Bush era. But Americans see things differently. This question has swung 14 points in a positive direction under Trump, compared to Barack Obama’s re-election year of 2012. Safe/strong sentiments were (+2) that year; they’re (+8) today, with a clear majority saying those descriptors now apply, up from a narrow plurality. As for measurements of ‘credit,’ Democrats keep trying to convince people that Trump is just coasting on Obama’s economic coattails. Voters aren’t buying it, giving the current president significantly more credit than his predecessor for the current age of prosperity.

They’re right to do so. Because of his anti-growth policies, Obama presided over the slowest recovery the United States has experienced since World War II. Trump’s pro-growth tax and regulatory reforms have helped improve the economy on nearly every conceivable metric, with wage growth disproportionately benefitting working people.

This is despite day after day attacks by Democrats and liberal media. Imagine if he didn’t have that, if Democrats and the media were actually honest about his achievements. Imagine if the Democrats had been accepting of the fact that he won and hadn’t spent every minute of the last few years since his election trying to take him out and undermine his presidency, how much better that would have been for the country and how much more could have gotten done? Of course that’s part of the reason they did it, to impede his ability to do things.

Yet still he persisted. Most Americans see it and have dismissed the impeachment games. But it’s still going to be a dogfight in the 2020 election to bring it across the line because Democrats will pull every trick in the book on the way to the election.

Trump’s turnout in New Hampshire is a sign that the enthusiasm is there, in abundance.

Replace that number with 130,000 which is what it was at the end.

Hold onto that enthusiasm, get everyone out to vote and America wins.


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