Andrea Mitchell Tried to ‘School’ Ted Cruz, Gets Completely Wrecked

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Remember when Ben Rhodes spoke about how easily it was to buffalo the relatively ignorant media. He was mostly talking about young ignorant 20 something reporters. But there are plenty of older ignorant reporters as well, as Andrea Mitchell just proved today.

As we previously reported, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that the Democrats’ presentation at that impeachment trial was a “lot of sound and fury signifying nothing,” that President Donald Trump would ultimately be acquitted.

But Andrea Mitchell, you know one of those “unbiased reporters” thought she had Cruz on the ropes with a “gotcha.”

Troublingly, she got thousands of likes on the tweet showing that there were thousands who were as ignorant as she was. She even got this also ignorant response from the WaPo’s not-conservative, Jennifer Rubin.

Except, as virtually everyone knows, Cruz is right. Faulkner’s “Sound and Fury” was taken from Shakespeare, some 300 years later. But what perhaps was worse than the basic ignorance of both Mitchell and Rubin, was how sure they were they were right.

On top of all this it that Andrea went to an Ivy League school, a good one, the University of Pennsylvania and she got her degree in – wait for it – English literature. Yikes. Maybe she was spending her time there in the 60s on peace and love, but surely not on Shakespeare. But most of us learned this in high school, not even in college.

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Mitchell ultimately apologized to Cruz.

Cruz responded with another line from Shakespeare, this one from Hamlet, “Methinks she doth protest too much.”

Andrea ultimately conceded, realizing it was better to give up the ghost.

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