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CHARLES TOWN – The Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival announced Wednesday it has secured its first “presenting sponsor,” a partnership that the Apple Harvest Festival Board of Directors said would allow the 40th anniversary of the festival — and festivals to follow — to continue to grow and improve for the people in the Eastern Panhandle.

In a press conference Wednesday morning, the MSAHF Board of Directors met with board members and staff at Bank of Charles Town to announce that BCT has pledged to be the main sponsor of the festival, a decision that was the first of its kind for the festival, according to the festival board president Susan Snowden.

“Today marks a momentous occasion in the history of the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival,” Snowden said. “For the first time ever, a patron has stepped forward and formalized their financial commitment to join this organization in promoting our rich agricultural history by becoming our presenting sponsor. BCT’s roots are tied to orchardists in the Eastern Panhandle as far back at 1871. The Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival celebrates the role that apple orchards in our past, present and future. Combining these two powerful groups, whose genesis is similar, can only mean success.”

Snowden went on to explain that because of BCT’s commitment, the MSAHF would highlight its contribution by recognizing BCT as the “presenting sponsor” of the entire festival.

Snowden said the festival boasts many local business sponsorships for specific events; however, BCT’s sponsorship of the entire festival allows the festival to continue to strive for greater events and expansion for the community.

BCT President and CEO Alice Frazier said this opportunity would increase the bank’s involvement with an event that has such rich heritage and celebrates the very heart of the organization.

“We knew that we wanted to give back even more than just sponsoring one event, and we are hoping by BCT stepping forward and taking the lead that other businesses like ours in the area will take a bigger part in a festival that is such a rich part of this area’s history,” Frazier said.

According to Frazier, the bank will not just be contributing to the festival monetarily but with volunteers and time to help ensure the festival continues to grow upwardly.

Snowden and Frazier confirmed that the monetary donation is the largest financial commitment the MSAHF has received and the largest commitment that BCT maintains.

Both organizations declined to disclose the amount of the financial contribution.

As a part of the announcement, Snowden and Frazier unveiled a new MSAHF logo to represent the partnership between the “presenting sponsor” and the festival.

According to Bryan Decker, senior vice president and director of marketing and communications, the partnership is a commitment set to last three years, after which time the partnership will be addressed again.

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