Are Save the Date Cards Necessary in the Year 2021?

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Last year was unlike any we’ve ever had before, and so many big things were cancelled – weddings among the most frequent. A huge number of couples who had planned 2020 weddings had to make the decision to postpone their parties, others still went through with their nuptials, just in nano capacities, and some either put a pin in a much-anticipated proposal or put a ring on it and then pressed pause on any of the planning thereafter. So, it makes sense that in 2021, lots of would-be or soon-to-be brides and grooms might hesitate to put anything too ‘concrete’ into a universe still impacted by COVID-19. We empathize with everyone who has needed to alter ‘I Do’ direction throughout all of this, and appreciate the allure of wanting to hold your planning cards close to the vest – but at the same time, we say don’t be shy about saving your date. Create that special card, sign, seal, and deliver it to your closest friends and family (if sending to everyone still feels risky), because it means a whole lot and shouldn’t be forgotten.

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