ASP.NET MVC Programming for Experienced VB.NET Programmers Training Class Presented by Hands-On Technology Transfer

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This course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to
create service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation
(WCF) and VB.NET. Students learn how to leverage the power of the .NET Framework
to build Web Service applications that interoperate with consumer applications
including other platforms and technologies. Students will learn how to configure
addresses, bindings, and service and data contracts as well as how to use
various techniques for developing endpoints to allow communication between
consumer applications and the web services provider.

The course includes coverage of instance management, fault handling, and
security. Students will learn how to use the WCF Routing Service for load
balancing, content-based routing, and protocol bridging.

Comprehensive labs and exercises provide the students with experience
creating both content server and consumer applications.

This course provides thorough coverage of the use of Windows
Communication Foundation
for service-oriented applications. Students
requiring additional coverage of ASP.NET Web Forms,
Windows Forms
or Windows Presentation Foundation
should contact HOTT or refer to HOTT’s
complete course listing for
additional training courses.

Students unfamiliar with the VB.NET programming language should register for
the 5-day
WCF Programming Using VB.NET course instead.

Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of fundamental HTML syntax
is helpful, but not required. Prior experience with VB.NET is required.

Course Overview

Introduction to WCF

  • WCF Web Services Architecture
  • Addresses, Bindings and Contracts
  • WCF Service Libraries
  • WCF Test Host and Test Client
  • ChannelFactory Class
  • Configuring WCF Clients
  • Standard Endpoints

Service Addresses

  • Address Types
    • Endpoint Address
    • Base Address
    • MEX (Message Exchange) Address
  • Metadata Exchange
  • Address Formats

Selecting Binding Options

  • Binding Selection
  • HTTP Bindings
  • TCP and Named Pipe Bindings
  • MSMQ Binding
  • BasicHttpBinding Class

Managing a Service Instance

  • Configuring Behaviors
  • Service Instance Models
    • Per-Call
    • Per-Session
    • Singleton
  • Threading Considerations
  • Consuming WCF Application Services with .NET Applications
  • Consuming WCF Application Services on foreign platforms

Defining Service Contracts

  • Service and Operation Contracts
  • Creating Contracts at the Class and Interface Level
  • Using ServiceContractAttribute
  • Types of Service Contracts
    • Oneway
    • Request-Reply
    • Duplex
  • Callbacks
  • Asynchronous Proxies
  • WSDL Files
  • Contract Inheritance and Overloading
  • Implementing Message Exchange Patterns
  • Versioning

Defining Data Contracts

  • Using DataContractAttribute
  • Mapping Data to Schema
  • Returning Arrays
  • Returning Generic Collections
  • Data Serialization
  • Versioning


  • Endpoints Explained
  • Working with Endpoints
  • Configuring Endpoints
  • Using Multiple Endpoints

Fault Handling

  • FaultException class
  • FaultCode class
  • FaultContract class
  • Client Exception Handling
  • Including Exception Details

Securing WCF Applications

  • Security Issues with Services
  • Types of Security
    • Transfer Security
    • Transport Security
    • Message Security
  • Configuring Security on Client and Server
  • Managing Certificates
  • Configuring Client Certificates
  • Sending Credentials

WCF Routing Configuration

  • WCF Routing Service
  • Hosting the Service
  • Consuming the Service
  • Service Contract and Implementation
  • Routing Contracts
  • Message Filters
  • Common Routing Scenarios
    • Load Balancing
    • Content Based Routing
    • Service Partitioning
    • Protocol Bridging

Training Course Summary: This course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to create service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and VB.NET



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