Baltimore’s Kim Klacik Gives a ‘How to Handle Bigots 101’ Lesson After Twitter Insult

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When you’re a minority who refuses to toe the liberal line, it is without fail that some self-proclaimed “tolerant” Democrats will throw insults in your direction suggesting in some way that you’re a sellout to your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. because you dare to think differently.

Baltimore conservative Kim Klacik, who was the GOP nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District (the seat formerly held by the late Rep. Elijah Cummings), is no stranger to this treatment, She’s talked before about Democrats who have treated her as though she’s inauthentically black simply because 1) she’s a Republican who has very different views on the role of government in our lives than Democrats do and 2) she didn’t buy into the left’s bogus narratives about Trump allegedly being a “racist.”

Because it happens so frequently, Klacik – like many others who have been on the receiving end of such disrespect – lets it roll off her back more often than not. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. But on Monday, one Twitter user set her off in a comment made to a video tweet she posted in which she talked about how she was enjoying her first visit to Dallas, TX:

The Twitter user in question responded to Klacik by stating that “Every black female Republican has one trait in common. They all sound white”:

Klacik, who once got booted from “The View” for bringing up an inconvenient truth about the blackface past of co-host Joy Behar, took no prisoners in her reply:

That, my dear readers, is how it’s done.

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Conservative talk show host Dana Loesch perfectly described Klacik’s approach below:

As to how things turned out in her Congressional election battle, her Democratic opponent Kweisi Mfume, who won the special election in April to serve out the remainder of Cummings’ term, has been declared the winner of the race. But Klacik has alleged voting irregularities and has vowed to get to the bottom of what she believes happened.



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