Barbecue Guy Released After Arrest for Defying Lockdown, Says Court Imposed Problematic Bail Condition

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We previously brought you the story of Adam Skelly who was fighting to keep his restaurant, Adamson Barbecue, open in Toronto.

As he explained, he complied when they said “15 days to slow the spread” and during a prior lockdown. But when they went to prevent indoor dining again, he decided to fight the edict and continued to serve food. Authorities then locked him out of his own restaurant.

He broke back into his own restaurant and then he was arrested by the police. They had a lot of police out, even mounted police.

Here’s video, with a little Beastie Boys thrown in, of what appears to be breaking open the door which the authorities screwed shut to let people in.

Meanwhile, as we reported, down the street, the Costco was packed and that was all cool.

That was one of the things that apparently was setting off the small business people like Skelly, that the bigger stores like Walmart and Costco were allowed to have people indoors albeit with masks while his place and other small businesses like Express Fitness were not. Indigenous protesters in a crowd in the middle of the street in Toronto were also allowed to be there and block the street.

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People raised a lot of money for a fund for Skelly to help for his bail and his legal costs. It has now raised over $230,000. Skelly was released on $50,000 bail, he is due back in court for a hearing on Jan. 4.

But apparently locking the guy up wasn’t enough. When Skelly was released, he explained to local media how now he was ordered not to go on or post on social media. He was also not allowed to go within 200 meters of his own restaurant.

“I wonder what it is that the province doesn’t want everyone to know?” Skelly asked. He also claimed that he was held for 30 hours for charges that most people normally wouldn’t even be brought in for. As far as we can tell, none of the protesters who blocked the main roads in Toronto on the same day were even arrested. Apparently they didn’t forbid him from talking to local media so he was able to get out the information of the conditions of his bail.



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