BLM Crash and Disrupt a Christmas Cancer Fundraiser for Kids

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The people in West Allis, Wisconsin have a lovely holiday tradition.

They have a neighborhood they’ve dubbed “Candy Cane Lane” from just after Thanksgiving to just after Christmas. Everyone decorates up a storm so it’s quite the sight to see, people come from all around just to visit.

But it’s not just the decorations. Visitors are encouraged to donate to childhood cancer research and blood diseases as they drive through the area, for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC). So far this year, organizers have raised more than $121,000. They raised $121,000 last year and have raised almost a few million since they started in 1984.

So you would think that’s the last thing that anyone would want to disrupt.

But then the Black Lives Matter group has a different view of the world.

Members of the “People’s Revolution,” a BLM group, showed up at the event on Friday night.

According to reports, the group shouted expletives at the families on the block and stopped cars in the street.

According to Wisconsin Right Now:

One man shared a post from a friend that read, “So my son and I were playing in the living room and we heard very loud music and people chanting from the outside. We open up the front door to see what all the commotion was about. It was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march going up and down my block and through candy cane lane. These people saw my ‘Back the Badge’ sign and ‘Trump 2020’ sign and began to shout at us. They began to give us the middle finger and shouted, ‘F-CK YOU F-CK THE POLICE F-CK TRUMP!’ Uhm really? I am holding my ONE year old son in my arms. Glad to see how ‘peaceful’ and ‘respectful’ these people and protests really are lol. What a bunch of pieces of sh-t.”

They chanted “Black lives matter!” “No justice! No peace!” “Whose lane? Our lane!” “Whose streets? Our streets!” One of their members on a livestream said they were “as loud as can be. Waking up each block with holiday cheer, screaming “NOJUSTICE, NO PEACE”, until all around hear” and that they were “giving the gifts of our demands for Black and Brown lives.”

READ  Horowitz: “No Political Bias.” Riiiiiight.

Seriously? Who thinks this is a good idea to do this, not only just to a Christmas event for kids but a cancer charity no less?



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