BLM Group Attacks Photographer, Injures Cops In Violent March in NYC, It Doesn’t End Well for Them

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About one hundred Black Lives Matter people had a ‘F**k 12’ march in Midtown Manhattan on Friday night when it devolved into violence.

They burned an American flag outside an NYPD kiosk in Times Square according to the Daily News.

Marchers thought they recognized a Daily News photographer as a man they saw at a protest in Greenwich Village last year. One protester yelled, “He’s a cop,” inciting the others against the photographer, Sam Costanza. The group of about a dozen people then surrounded him and attacked him at about Sixth Avenue and 54th Street, “shoving him and beating him with their fists and other objects,” according to the New York Post.

Then the NYPD intervened and at one point rushed the crowd to try to make an arrest. Two officers were injured as they struggled with the BLM people as the BLM people tried to keep the police from arresting one of them. It is not clear what the nature of their injuries are. Two police vehicles were also vandalized by the group.

But the police busted 11 of them, including some of the people accused of attacking Costanza.

You can check out the video here.

The Daily News said that the photographer believes he might have a broken nose as a result of the attack.

But it does mean that the BLM folks likely spent the night in jail, couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people. Hopefully some are held a little bit longer for attacking Costanza.

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But I thought the BLM was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? If mostly peaceful means a punch in the face and attacking the police, I guess. Exactly what does a “F**k 12” march demonizing the police have to do with “peace?”

So where are the Democrats to condemn this attack on a member of the media? How about the attacks on the cops? They were beating him because they thought he was a cop. But the radical leftists don’t like non-approved media either. Just like Democratic politicians.

Once again, Democrats appear strangely silent about all this after embracing the BLM at their national convention and encouraging them throughout last year. Meanwhile the defense team brought out this strange hypocrisy of the Democrats during the impeachment trial yesterday.



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