Chutzpah! Festival: 5 things to know about Hourglass by Idan Cohen

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In many ways, the new piece is a reflection of his history and culture and what he has been processing at the present time. Obviously, this year means that this work will be intense.

2: The score. The eventual idea is to create dance pieces to go with all 28 of composer Glass’s solo études. For Hourglass, it is only four of the works. The idea actually came from music director Leslie Dala, who is also the associate conductor for Vancouver Opera.

Dala saw a dance lab by Cohen in 2017 and the conversation began about doing something together. When the two reconnected earlier this year, the concept to combine dance with Dala’s performance of the études was realized. Cohen, who had been a child concert piano prodigy, felt a clear connection between the two artists.

3: The dancers. The études span over two hours of music, so there was no way that the same dancers were going to do all the pieces. Instead, Cohen conceived of a piece with dancers of different ages performing to convey the sense of time passing like sands through the hourglass. For this work, former Ballet B.C. company dancer Racheal Prince and active Ballet B.C. dancer Brandon Lee will perform. Cohen has also lined up dancers up to age 60 for the bigger project down the road.



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