CNN PR Flack Commits Hilariously Embarrassing Self-Own After Attacking Fox News Reporter

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For as long as I’ve been a CNN critic, it never once occurred to me that one of the job requirements for working for the network in any capacity involving PR or reporting might be that you need to be willing to make a complete imbecile of yourself in public in the name of trying to own your competition.

While I admit am not privy to what the prerequisites are for working at CNN, the thought struck my mind today after coming across a perplexing tweet from their public relations guy Matt Dornic.

Dornic, whose Twitter bio lists him as Head of Strategic Comms @CNN Worldwide (because he wants you to be really, really impressed), thought he’d play gotcha games with Fox News media reporter Brian Flood by pointing out how Flood sometimes goes about trying to obtain quotes from sources via LinkedIn:

There were two big problems with Dornic’s attempted dunk on Flood. The biggest one was inarguably the most embarrassing one. I guess Dornic didn’t count on former CNN staffers stepping forward to point out that CNN also uses LinkedIn to fish for quotes:

Mediaite did a write-up on Dornic’s tweet and reported that “LinkedIn messages obtained by Mediaite show a CNN reporter doing the same to Fox staffers.”

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Journalist Matt Pearce from the L.A. Times also weighed in, offering Dornic a chance to see the “queries” he gets from CNN’s media reporters (presumably Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter):

Former NRSC advisor Matt Whitlock also chimed in and noted he had been approached in the past from CNN reporters via LinkedIn:

The other big problem with Dornic’s cheap shot at Flood is that apparently he’s unaware that trying to connect with sources via social media accounts like LinkedIn is literally how journalism works, especially in the COVID era. Tons of reporters – including those who have no love for Fox News – weighed in to point out to Dornic that it’s a tactic they regularly use.

USA Today investigative journalist Brett Murphy:

New York Times media columnist Ben Smith:

Daily Beast contributing editor Justin Baragona (who is frequently retweeted by Stelter):

Erik Wemple, media guy for the Washington Post:

Needless to say, Dornic’s self-own was used to reaffirm a longstanding point about how the “Facts First” network doesn’t know much about how actual journalism works:

‘Nuff said.

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