CNN Scrooges Pounce and Seize on First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to DC Children’s Hospital, Bury Key Info

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First Lady Melania Trump visited the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday to read a Christmas story to the young patients, a tradition for first ladies. But instead of focusing on the warmth of the moment at a time when people are hoping to be able to enjoy the holidays after 8 months of stifling pandemic lockdowns, CNN decided to do a little mask-shaming because of course they did.

Here’s the report CNN’s Karen Betsy Klein filed after Mrs. Trump’s visit:

Trump, who has visited children at the hospital each year during her time as first lady, continued the tradition despite the coronavirus pandemic and record cases in Washington, DC.

The first lady arrived in the hospital’s main atrium wearing a mask. When she took her seat in front of a tree, she removed the mask. Though she practiced social distancing, the hospital’s policy specifically requires all visitors to wear a mask.

“Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in any Children’s National facility to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the hospital’s policy says.

It wasn’t until deep down into the story that you find out that the First Lady was in fact following DC guidelines, though not the hospital’s stricter ones. Not only that, but only a couple of children were in the room with her as she read the story, which was broadcast to the other kids in the hospital due to pandemic concerns:

Children’s National spokeswoman Diana Troese cited Washington, DC, health regulations — but not the hospital’s own policy — in response to CNN’s request for comment.

“Our number one priority at Children’s National Hospital is the safety of our patients, families and employees. Under DC Health regulations, wearing a mask is not required when a person is giving a speech for broadcast or an audience, provided no one is within six feet of the speaker,” she said.

“In the case of today’s visit which was broadcast to our 325 patients, while the First Lady did remove her mask while she read a story, she was more than 12 feet away from others in our large atrium. All other people in that space were wearing masks. The remainder of her visit, she wore a mask,” Troese added.


The event was significantly scaled back from previous visits. Most children watched the reading from a live stream, but Trump arrived with 6-year-old Riley Whitney and 8-year-old Sophia Martinez, who were seated on the floor in front of her as she read.

In other words, she put no one in danger by taking her mask off by reading the story. But had CNN pointed that out early in their hit piece, there would have been no need to report it in the way they did. So they buried it deep down, knowing that a good portion of readers usually never get that far.

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Naturally, media outlet “The Hill” also got in on the Karening, sharing the below video and publishing their own story on Mrs. Trump’s visit, where they cited CNN:

Despite CNN’s and The Hill’s garbage reporting on her visit, it was nice to see CBS News and the Associated Press give a fair and balanced – and more detailed report on the story, sans the emphasis on the mask-shaming.

We’ve just spent four, going on five days now of the MSM rushing to the defense of “Dr.” Jill Biden because she was supposedly diminished and disrespected by a writer/lecturer in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece Saturday. Yet the very moment these same media figures get to pounce and seize on a non-issue related to Melania Trump, they don’t hesitate.

Predictable. Maddening, but predictable. True colors and all that.



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