CNN Stars Sound Like Backstage Groupies In Response to the Jake Tapper Interview of Joe Biden

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They cannot embarrass themselves, since they are incapable of that emotion.

The media of this country have exhibited a blatant and disturbing amount of exuberance towards the presumptive election of Joe Biden. Ever since the day the press declared Joe the winner they have collectively shown to either be incapable of political focus (‘’Oh my, did you see the kind of socks he wore?!’’) to being in a fit of adoration (‘’It is just so wonderful to get back to a state of normalcy!’’) Basically it was the same kind of hands-off approach we saw from them in the campaign cycle, only now delivered with a high-pitched ‘’Squeeeee’’ attached.

CNN has been especially disturbing in this regard, and it only got worse following last night’s interview held by Jake Tapper with the newly christened Democrat monarch. Tapper has been one who is especially notable in going through a professional transformation before our eyes, becoming as staunchly partisan as most others at his network. So when it was announced he was sitting down with Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris the swooning was to be expected.

We saw the lack of any critical thinking last night summed up in a passage from Joe Biden, when he was discussing his time working on the stimulus package. ‘’It wasn’t that Barack said, ‘Well you know Joe we’re going to have the stimulus and I want you to handle it’, this was ‘We gotta get this stimulus passed, I’m working on this, look Joe, you take it.’’ So…Obama did not want Joe to handle it, he wanted Joe to take over the job…huh?! Tapper did not ask for a correction to the redundancy, he simply absorbed this as a nugget of genius.

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Biden likened himself to stepping into a role similar to Franklin Roosevelt, and his main charge to address what he claims is a warlike condition is to force the country to wear masks for 100 days. Ignoring the fact that most of the country is already wearing masks to little effect, this is a wise policy of leadership, according to CNN. Following the fluffer session in prime time the personalities at the network were gushing in distasteful fashion.

Tapper joined fellow cheerleader Don Lemon after the Access Hollywood-level interview, and he was positively buzzing. 

It feels like we are watching … a president-elect and a president who are on Earth One and Earth Two. And at this particular Earth that is in reality, it was very normal, very sedate. And it was welcoming news. It was good to watch. It was good to actually get content. We heard no fake news. We heard no conspiracy theories. We heard no personal grievances. 

No grievances, save for the moment Biden referenced Trump by ‘’the chaos he’s created’’. I feel the need to let Jake in on some details. Joe Biden has yet to DO anything. He has not taken office, has not been sworn in — he has not even been officially declared President. We also saw the giddiness, and even the professional chance to exhale at being freed from doing their normal job. You don’t have to really steel yourself for the potential reaction when you bring up uncomfortable subjects,” said Tapper, seemingly relieved at not being challenged while doing his job. “There just wasn’t the, you know, attack that we in the fourth estate have been used to. So that was unusual.” You can sense Jake filling in his itinerary on Travelocity with the fields ‘’Jan. 21, 2021-2024’’

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For his part Brian Stelter was even more uncomfortably slavish over the display. He declares here how impressed he was with a question that began with addressing Biden’s feelings.

In his piece covering the interview (that is, CNN’s media critic commenting uncritically on CNN’s coverage of the interview by CNN’s Jake Tapper) Stelter allows Harris to present the tone of the affair, in the true fashion of a hard-bitten reporter repeating a press release verbatim.

Harris put it all in perspective:”There couldn’t be a more extreme exercise in stark contrast between the current occupant of the White House and the next occupant of the White House. And I do believe our country’s going to be the better for the outcome of this election, and the election of Joe Biden as president.” The “stark contrast” is even more evident when Biden and Harris speak with the press.

This is as nauseously cloying as it can get. These are two people who have accomplished nothing yet, have enacted zero policies, and the reaction from the professionals of the media class is on par with a teenager who has wallpapered their room with Biden-Harris posters. The next four years of Biden’s term, and when Harris takes over, will be as easy as those experienced by Obama. You can imagine just how many glowing articles have already been written ahead of time.

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