CNN’s Brian Stelter Claims Fox News Has ‘Portion Control’ Problem, and Things Went Downhill From There

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CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said the quiet part out loud in October when he proclaimed it was the media’s job to “protect the public” from certain things politicians, candidates for higher office, and the like say.

In media-speak terms, that was code for “it’s our job to control the message and to prevent audiences from hearing things we don’t like.”

So knowing that, I wasn’t super surprised to read his latest Oliver Darcy-inspired rant about how media coverage of stories that are damaging to Democrats – like the Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden stories – must be kept “in proportion” to alleged scandals involving President Trump because Orange Man Bad and related left-wing narratives.

This was another on a long list of “why is Fox spending so much time on this story?!” rants by various CNN figures, but what set it apart was Stelter’s rank hypocrisy and poor choice of words.

He literally said Fox News “has a big problem with portion control”:

This set off a well-deserved firestorm of criticism about his network’s actual portion control problems, especially as it relates to their four-year-campaign of peddling the Russia collusion scandal nonsense:


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