CNN’s Brian Stelter Wins ‘Lack of Self-Awareness’ Award With Latest Attack on Trump, Gets Slam-Dunked With Truth

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CNN’s Brian Stelter went after President Donald Trump today for daring to call out legitimate questions in the election.

What set Stelter off today?

A Monmouth Poll showing that 77% of Trump voters believed that voter fraud had tipped the scales to Joe Biden. Indeed other polls even show that some Democrats believe that as well.

Now if one were a real reporter, one might wonder why people think that and perhaps investigate the affidavits of people alleging a variety of fraud and irregularities in multiple states, from observing election workers falsifying thousands of ballots for Joe Biden to observing people switching ballots into piles for Biden when the votes were for Trump or Jo Jorgensen.

But of course, Stelter works for CNN so he isn’t a real reporter, he’s an activist. So he could give a flying fig about the actual facts or any real questions.

Stelter claimed that the “election was stolen conspiracy crap” was just like Trump’s “enemy of the people smear” a “slow acting poison that is crippling the American body politic.

But what Trump actually said was that people spreading fake news were the “enemy of the people” so when Stelter claims that mantle, he’s basically admitting it applies. Indeed, he and CNN have done everything they can to live up to it with the false stories, Russia conspiracy and everything they’ve spread for the last four years to undermine the president.

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It’s pretty much a true description. So is Stelter admitting the “election was stolen” is true too, since he’s comparing it to something with is essentially true?

He chastises the Trump team for challenging the election results, yet seems utterly lacking in self-awareness as to what his own network and he have been doing for four years, or how Democrats of all stripes but especially Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams were not only challenged elections with absolutely no basis, but were lauded by the left for doing so. Talk about team tribalism which Stelter references. He can’t see that he’s a living example of it. He is the poison of which he complains. He and his colleagues have helped divide the nation.

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