Coconut Grove Arts Festival sees brighter days ahead

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An aerial view of the festival.

The 2021 Coconut Grove Arts Festival, South Florida’s internationally acclaimed fine arts exhibition, has been cancelled for February 13-15, 2021, but the 57-year-old festival will return stronger and more spectacular in 2022

Organizers determined that hosting such a large-group gathering during the pandemic would neither be in the interest of the health of the community nor the thousands of visitors and participants who would attend.

The good news is, they promise it will be back for 2022 – and will be just as enjoyable and well attended as ever.

“We’ve been hosting this iconic event for 57 years and we’re looking forward not only to our 58th festival year in 2022, but for many years beyond, too,” says Monty Trainer, president of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival (CGAF).

Focus turns to 2020.

“We’re excited about 2022 and expect that pent-up demand for the festival will bring our long-time and respected guests back out in droves to celebrate our return,” Trainer added, noting that the CGAF Board of Directors will now have the luxury of even more creative time to plan a spectacular 2022 festival.

Spanning three days over Presidents’ Day weekend, the colorful outdoor event unfolds annually along Coconut Grove’s waterfront streets. As the region’s premier art festival, it celebrates the fine arts, live performances, and local flavors – and draws more than 380 internationally-known and jury-selected artists across 15 visual categories.

“While we can understand that the public may be disappointed by this announcement to cancel the 2021 festival, what’s most important is prioritizing the health and safety of our festival workers, local residents, and art lovers from across the globe who travel here,” Trainer stressed.

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Trainer is also bullish on the festival’s long-term outlook.

“We’ve been doing this magnificent event for 57 years, so we’re looking forward to 2022 when the Coconut Grove Arts Festival will reopen – in all its splendor along the streets of Coconut Grove, Miami’s most vibrant, storied – and artistic community.”

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is produced by the nonprofit Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association. Festival proceeds fund year-round arts programs and maintain the Gallery @ CGAF. Many special exhibitions are also presented at the Mayfair in the Grove.

For more information, visit the CGAF website at

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