Cold temperatures welcome for Clarks Summit Festival of Ice

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You can see more than 50 ice sculptures throughout the Clarks Summit area this weekend.

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. — Cold temperatures are getting a warm welcome from the organizers of the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice.

The 16th annual event kicked off Friday and will continue throughout the holiday weekend.

We might not be so happy about the colder temperatures, but the ice carvers here definitely are.

What’s better than having the place where you live and work decorated with more than 50 ice sculptures? Watching those creations get carved right before your eyes.

“Last few years we try to come out and watch it because it’s not every day you’re going to see carvings at your own workplace,” said Metlife employee Jennifer Bunnell.

The festival of ice is a yearly tradition in Clarks Summit

This year’s festival has a Nintendo video game theme.

With the mild temps we’ve had so far this season, it was a relief to see the chilly forecast for this weekend.

“It’s finally super-cold today. It’s not warm like 50s like last week,” Bunnell said.

“A couple of years ago it was really warm so like the sculptures were melting,” Teresa Carsnak recalled.

The streets are expected to be packed all weekend long, a welcome sight for businesses in the borough such as “Everything Natural” on South State Street.

“It’s almost like Clarks Summit’s St. Patrick’s Day. We really get a nice crowd of people,” Carsnak said.

“Really, the purpose of it was for people to discover the community, to shop in the local shops, and visit the area and see what it’s like to live here,” said Laura Anchorani, Abington Business & Professional Association.

For organizer Laura Anchorani, the festival takes most of the year to plan and then the entire weekend is a whirlwind, but she says when it’s all said and done, the hard work is worth it.

“Just seeing everybody enjoying it because then you see why you do it. Just being there to witness people having fun and enjoying the festival and sharing it with their friends or their families, I think that’s the biggest thing at the end of the day.”

The Festival of Ice continues through the weekend with live ice carvings, art shows, and activities in between.

“ICEtendo” kicks off tomorrow at noon! FRIDAY 2/14 Schedule of Ev…


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