Cooperstown artisan festival

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until the beginning of november, fly creek features something differnt. today it was pasta…next weekend…the cider press. for the third yearn a row, cooperstown held itsartisan festival along main street. dozens of vendors set up shop in front of the otsego community complex. newschannel 2’s brent kearney, went and looked at what ot time nty’s greatest vendors had to offer. nats: “it is aeartly hean here, heavan on earth. ritchie coster’s brother scn is town visitng from london. today they were doing some shopping. “its liktaking a step back in time but not in a patronising way, its just a beautiful place and makes you feel good to be alive. the festival is lovely and the people are just fantastic and its just a beautiful town.” its the third year that the cooperstown chamber of commerce held this festival. this year they had over 50 vendors selling everything from large pieces, to small jewlery. “well last year when we cahere we saw so many beautiful items and we had to come back and spensommore money. there’s just a real feeling of artistry here. i l lked to someone and i asked how long have you been dointhis and she ys all my life.nd i saisnt it woerful that shfound a passion so early.” the bindin fall of art right on the spot. “i’m ptg the binding oa fall ble runr. i’m doing the hand work on the back side. telling me ssion so early.” some were creating works of art right on the spot. “i’m putti the binding on a fall table runner. i’m doing the hand work on the back side. telling me they love the colors and i do good work and being with people, you meetlot of interesher people.” some also say that festivals like these aren escapfrom reali. “well you need to have something in the age of stress, to calm people. and this is just very c because you are looking at beautiful items one after aod at this and i said nd people just put their het a soul into is. en e lady th grew these she said i’m really good at this and i said eir heart and soul into this. even the lady that grew these she said i’m really good at this and i said you sure are.” but no matter where you come from, art

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