Dan Bongino Gives a Christmas Update on His Cancer Battle

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Dan Bongino gave a Christmas update on his cancer battle yesterday. The conservative commentator was diagnosed early in the year and has most recently been in the middle of chemotherapy.

Here’s what he had to say about his condition and expectations.

Dan Bongino gave a hopeful Christmas update about his battle with cancer, saying he believes he will come out “A-OK” after a final chemotherapy treatment next week.

The conservative commentator and radio show host said he hopes to have his last treatment on Tuesday. He revealed earlier this year he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer that can start from almost anywhere in the body, after doctors found a “very scary” tumor in his neck.

“It’s been tough. I’m tired. The chemo’s rough. You got to get through it with a bit of a sense of humor though,” Bongino said Friday on Fox & Friends, jokingly adding that he gave chemotherapy zero stars on Amazon.

Bongino, 46, thanked viewers for their support.

Bongino would go on to thank those who’ve sent him encouraging messages on social media and via email. I know some of you reading this are among that number. Bongino has been a friend of RedState for a long time, and we wish him only the best.

Cancer is an awful disease that can turn on a dime, even in the face of currently good news, so keep Bongino in your prayers.

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