Democrat Rep Switches Parties Over Impeachment

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And you thought Never Trumpers whining about the Senate impeachment trial not being impartial was the only dose of schadenfreude on the day.

It was just confirmed that Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew has decided to switch parties in response to impeachment. He was a hold-out until now.

I’m sure there’s some electoral posturing going on here, but it’s still hilarious nonetheless. Pelosi is having a hard enough time keeping the moderates of her party in line, much less losing them to another party altogether.

The switch came after Van Drew met with President Trump, who no doubt whispered sweet nothings into his ear to push the defection through. This is extremely embarrassing for Democrats, who want to be seen as doing some higher form of duty by impeaching Trump. When the inevitable 10-15 more Democrats don’t switch parties, but do vote against impeachment, it’s going to sting even more.

Now, I’m some will try to claim Van Drew was a closet Republican or that this isn’t that big of a deal, but that’s nonsense. Having a party member switch sides in the middle of an impeachment fight is a big stinking deal. The Democrats have botched this from the beginning and it looks more and more likely that Trump will end up with the last laugh.


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