Democrats Begin Impeachment Trial by Inadvertently Undercutting Their Case (Video)

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The Senate’s impeachment trial officially got underway earlier today and, as expected, it was high on theatrics, emotion, and the predictable media gushing and swooning.

The House’s lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who objected to some of Trump’s electoral votes in 2016, used his time at the microphone and in front of the cameras to argue that “legal scholars” agree with the Democrat position that holding an impeachment trial for a man who no longer holds the office of the presidency is Constitutional.

One of the more dramatic moments from Raskin’s opening remarks was when he played a 13-minute video that included clips of Trump giving his speech at the ellipse juxtaposed with rioters leaving midway and heading towards the Capitol.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted out a 10-minute version. The more complete version is below his tweet:

Many of the Usual Suspects on the left cheered the video as a “slam dunk” and evidence of the supposed “airtight” case Democrats have against Trump.

But there was something missing from it, something pretty important: the part where Trump talked about how he knew rally attendees would soon be heading to the Capitol to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”:

Watch the clip Democrats left out below:

While Democrats are not obligated to present that information in their case, it speaks to the weakness of it that they didn’t include Trump’s statement about people in the crowd “peacefully and patriotically” exercising their First Amendment rights in the montage. Public figures who are trying to incite people to wreak havoc and commit violence don’t typically tell their crowds of supporters to be peaceful in their actions.

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Despite Raskin omitting those inconvenient Trump comments from the video, Trump’s team will be making their case soon, and there’s little doubt that they’ll correct the record. Also, as I reported Monday, his defense attorneys are coming to the trial prepared with some video clips of their own, which will include Rep. Maxine Waters’ infamous June 2018 speech where she told a crowd of angry leftists to confront Trump officials no matter where they saw them, and tell them they are “not welcome anywhere.”

As I said yesterday, this trial shouldn’t even be happening, but since it is, at least we know Trump’s attorneys will be able to give as good as they get and — in the process — inform the American people as to the duplicity of the Democrats’ antics where so-called “journalists” have failed.



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