Doctor Tells a Coronavirus Tale About Her Patient, It Doesn’t End Well When She Gets Smacked With Her Hypocrisy

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Dr. Rebecca Karb who has pronouns in her Twitter profile and a picture holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign had a few things she wanted to get off her chest in a tweet.

Those bad people who dared to have a Thanksgiving needed chastising.

So here’s the thing. While she’s not saying the patient’s name so she’s not actually identifying her, if the patient were to go on social media, she would know immediately that it was she that Karb was talking negatively about. It’s ansi really poor professionalism to try to shame your patients like this and talk about alleged conversations with patients on social media. Especially when it’s being done, clearly to make a political point. And again, it seems all about her, the doctor, in a “look at me” photo.

Some doubted her story to begin with and/or disagreed with her political point.

But folks noticed another issue with her posts and the chastisement. That she’d participated in mass BLM protests. Where was the criticism of these huge events?

Doubt she even views that as being hypocritical, but rather thinks the “importance” trumps the concerns.

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