DOD Uses Witch-hunt For Extremists to Sets the Stage for a Purge of Conservatives From the Military

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You could see this coming like you can see a thunderhead out on the Great Plains.

The allegation, provided without a shred of empirical evidence that the US military is overrun by hate groups and extremists, has been made for weeks. Here’s a sampling from just the past month:

Politico. The military has a hate group problem. But it doesn’t know how bad it’s gotten.
WBUR (Boston NPR). Extremism In The Military And How To Root It Out
Defense One. How to Root Out Extremism in the U.S. Military
Military Times. The military knows it has a problem with domestic extremists, white supremacists
New York Times. Pentagon Accelerates Efforts to Root Out Far-Right Extremism in the Ranks

But the degree to which this narrative foretold future events became evident when the FBI was permitted to perform background checks, including reviews of social media, of the 20,000 or so National Guardsmen called up to defend Joe Biden’s Washington, DC, against some imagined threat (more Security Theater, like the predicted attacks on state capitols), see U.S. Defense Officials Fear Insider Attack From National Guard Service Members Ahead of Inauguration.

This was an unconscionable affront to the US military. The assertion that National Guardsmen posed an insider threat to Joe Biden should have been met with guffaws and a refusal of any governor to go along with it. In September 1934, Adolf Hitler was inspecting a jaeger regiment commanded by Colonel Erwin Rommel. The Nazi security apparatus insisted that politically reliable SS troops be positioned between Rommel’s regiment and Hitler. Rommel said that if that came to pass, his troops would not be there. It is a shame when our military commanders can’t muster the same courage.

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As I noted in Steve Cohen Tries to Walk Back Smear That National Guardsmen Might Kill Biden but the Official Reaction Reveals a Larger Problem:

This all points to a deep corruption in the senior officer corps and hints at a deep-seated contempt for the rank-and-file Guardsmen by their own leadership. I can’t imagine something similar not existing in the Regular Army. No State Adjutant General has gone on record defending their troops against Cohen’s calumny. No one in even the out-going Trump Defense leadership had anything to say. Only one governor has defended their own Guardsmen. Instead, we saw the FBI running checks on National Guardsmen with the objective of finding something, anything to justify the panic.

This is just part of the Antonio-Gramsci-esque Long March Through the Institutions that has finally conquered the US military.

Secretary of Defense Austin has already demonstrated that he has a total disregard for the safety of the military personnel and is completely subservient to Critical Race Theory and whatever other victim theology that is being peddled, see Opinion: Defense Secretary Austin Plays Politics Right out of the Gate. What does this mean? From the New York Times.

All military personnel, including those in the National Guard, undergo extensive background investigations and physical examinations including assessments of tattoos. Troops are continuously monitored for indications that they are involved in extremist activity and receive training to identify others around them who could be “insider threats.”

But critics say the military’s leadership has often failed to hold violators accountable consistently.

“Current regulations have penalties that are largely left up to commanders, often at the unit level,” Heidi Beirich, a co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, told a House hearing last February. “There appears to be no process to track people expelled for ties to white supremacists’ groups.”

At the same time, there are many internal cultural issues within the military — from the recruitment process to training and beyond — that may take years to unravel.

The recently approved National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2021, which sets annual Pentagon policy and spending priorities, contained measures meant to help the department address the issue, including a new position in the Defense Department inspector general’s office: a deputy inspector general for diversity and inclusion and supremacist, extremism and criminal gang activity. Congress also charged the inspector general with establishing a “mechanism to track and report” extremist or gang activity in the military.

The fact that the same morons who have decided that the OK sign is a white supremacist sign will be deciding what tattoos mean should give no one any comfort. That tracking military veterans to gauge their political reliability is casually bandied about is terrifying. A political commissar dedicated to rooting out troops with the wrong politics is not something native to North America.

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Let’s not fool ourselves that they will be looking for actual gang members or KKK or BLM…oops, I didn’t say that…members in the ranks. They will be intrusively monitoring social media to see what you say and which Facebook posts you share. If you have a Rush 24/7 membership or a RedState VIP member or fly the Gadsden flag (see Leftwing Activist Journalists Claim the Gadsden Flag Is a Sign of Insurrection and Hate), your days in uniform are probably numbered. In 2012, the Obama Pentagon discharged a Marine reservist who said unflattering things about Obama while not on active duty. In past years, no one in the Pentagon would have dreamed of monitoring a private Facebook site to review comments made by people who may never again serve on active duty (such as Individual reservists with no unit affiliation) to try to root out disrespect to The Lightbringer. They aren’t going to touch people who are Antifa sympathizers or participants in BLM riots. They are going after one demographic and one political persuasion.




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