Don’t Be Upset About Nancy Ripping the Speech, She Is Mad Because She Lost.

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Opinion: Don't Be Upset About Nancy Ripping the Speech, She Is Mad Because She Lost.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., tears her copy of President Donald Trump’s s State of the Union address after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. Vice President Mike Pence is at left. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Lots of hullabaloo has been made over the past 24 hours since the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, ripped up the President’s Speech at the end of the State of the Union on Tuesday. I know that watching it live I looked at that and had a WTH moment myself wondering why San Fran Nan was doing that.

After reading a number of articles on this including my colleague here at Red State Nick Arama Now that’s Lit: NY Post Roasts Nancy Pelosi With the Perfect Cover I took a deep breath and pondered it all.

Then it hit me to take a moment and think outside the box as the most recent Presidential Medal of Freedom winner does so often on his show. Rush Limbaugh always dives a Lil deeper into things which conservatives have enjoyed and liberals have hated him for over 30 years. Now before I get hate mail up the wazoo, I am NOT comparing myself to Limbaugh, I’m just saying I asked myself why Nancy would do that like I imagine Rush does.

The answer might have a couple of different levels but ultimately is quite obvious.

Nancy lost her damn cool being she has gotten repeatedly beaten by a guy (politically people) she thinks is dumber than a box of rocks. Yeah, I know that all the Democrats thought Hillary would win in 2016 but when Trump beat Clinton talking like a blue-collar worker and communicating more effectively with the Dems base, they hate him to death for that sinful transgression. Also that he has now slipped two traps that they thought for sure would end him ( Mueller Report and Impeachment)  and Nancy was at the tipping point on Tuesday.

When President Trump handed her the script and turned away from her without shaking her hand, that lit the fuse. When Trump talked over the political virgin, white wearing caucus gals instead of letting them have their 45 seconds on national TV uninterrupted, Pelosi was smoking. Then when one of Nancy’s caucus members blurted something out and she had to wag her finger on live TV for that person to SHUT UP, she had just about had enough. She was primed and ready for her “defiant act” and show the bad guy in front of her who was boss.

I have no doubt she pre-ripped that paper to test that she could do it. We all know her predecessor Paul Ryan with all his PX90 muscle could have done it, so Nan wanted to make sure she could pull this stunt when the time came.

Yet the reason leading up to this show of strength that shows that not only is Donald Trump living rent-free at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but also right in Nancy’s cranium. The dufus that they can’t believe beat the smartest woman in the world has been beating them like a used bass drum since Jan-20-2017. After this impeachment debacle put on by Pelosi and Schiff, the President went about bludgeoning them once again hammered them on that and more right there on national T.V. in the State of the Union.


Nancy did that stunt at the end to show her caucus she was being “tough” but it was a move to try and stem the outrage that will be coming from her side.

The November election is coming and she will be challenged for her leadership position regardless if the Democrats hold the House. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the Squad malcontents are already prepping for that. Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that Nancy is part of the good ole boys Washington D.C. elite that is trying to poo-poo a Bernie Sanders candidacy against Trump. I wrote about this the other day right here at Red State… Nancy Pelosi Discreetly Gives a Warning to Democrats About Supporting Bernie Sander.

Once this Iowa debacle is fully sorted out and Bernie is “cheated” out of his rightful place, Nancy knows how these ungrateful newcomers are going to act. They practically pushed her into an impeachment she didn’t really want and she does not have the strength to fight both Donald Trump and the mouth breathing, bubble gum chewing know it alls in her own caucus.

She is on thin ice and all the paper shredding stunts in the world won’t matter from here on out.

So to the fine people who read all of us here at Red State each and every day, take a moment and REJOICE in the fact that Nancy Pelosi and the miserable lot of her Democrat colleagues have a bad case of Trump rash from getting paddled by him.

On a consistent basis.

Almost daily.

There are many more fights until November to win but enjoy each victory for a moment as it comes along.

The leader of the anti-Trump crew in the House just lost her cool and we should all just laugh and enjoy the moment.

Just like Rush taught us too.

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