FBI Looking to Speak to the Whistleblower

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Sounds like there may be some interesting things going on behind the scenes.

According to the AP, quoting a source familiar with the action, the FBI reached out to the whistleblower’s attorneys last month.

It’s not clear what the FBI is looking into and the source suggested that the whistleblower was not perceived as the target of the investigation.

The FBI refused to confirm or deny the report.

An interview has not been scheduled and it isn’t clear whether to not the whistleblower will agree to meet with them, according to Yahoo.

So if the whistleblower did nothing wrong and has nothing to worry about why hasn’t he talked with the FBI yet, if this report is true?

Two obvious thoughts: Does the FBI want to ask about who leaked to him? Or if he knows who might have leaked the article to Politico in August about information about withholding aid to Ukraine?

Or are they looking into the greater questions of what’s behind the origins of all this Ukraine probe?

Members of Congress are also trying to talk to the whistleblower.

Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said he would be subpoenaing the whistleblower and any documents related to the filing of his complaint.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff had initially spoken of the importance of hearing from the whistleblower. But once it was revealed that the whistleblower had contacts with Schiff’s aide prior to the filing of the complaint and that the whistleblower had worked with Joe Biden and had other Obama team connections, he suddenly became unavailable.

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The Democrats have been unwilling not only to have him testify but even to allow anyone to name him. Schiff has even gone so far as to lie and claim the whistleblower, identified in other reports as Eric Ciaramella, is entitled to anonymity by statute, a claim for which the Washington Post gave him three Pinocchios.

Schiff had also claimed that he didn’t even know who the whistleblower was. But during the testimony of Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, as Vindman was speaking about one of the people he’d spoken to about the July 25th Ukraine call, a member of the intelligence community, Schiff stopped him to “protect the whistleblower.” That made it quite clear that Schiff did in fact know who the whistleblower was otherwise he wouldn’t know about whom to intervene. And it suggests that Vindman was likely the person who told the whistleblower about the call.



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