Festival Fest: February 8 & 9

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — I’m about to get real real with you people.

Do not even ask.

This is Festival Fest — the thing I do where I talk about things to do in Western New York and one of the things about this thing we do every Monday is that it is supposed to be fun. I take that seriously.

So, I have something on my mind and I want to share it with you. I enjoy positivity as much as the next person. You try to keep it positive, right? But, there’s other times relentless cheerfulness just makes me crazy. What are these people ON? 

So here we are — the day after the Super Bowl, they still haven’t made it a holiday, we’re all full of bean dip and absolutely none of us are going to look like J. Lo no matter what we do. Meanwhile, I’ve got a list of events scrawled on a piece of paper like it’s a manifesto from the Unibomber.

Somebody on the internet once told me they can only take me in small doses and the truth is…. I get it.

Maybe I need a life coach. Ugh. 

Don’t you love the idea of life coaches?

What’s your experience? Life experience.

Anyway… sorry. 

This is for anybody out there who just needs a moment to say: You know what? I need a break.

The good news is there are plenty of nice people who sent events to festivalfest@wgrz.com  which is why we are all here so.. without further ado…

These are the events happening on and around February 8 and 9. I

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Let’s get into it.

The Lewiston Sip Shop and Eat event is Saturday

Jason Bishop Straight up Magic in Jamestown is also Saturday 

The White Whiskers senior dog sanctuary has a zumbathon fundraiser Saturday in Tonawanda

The Allegany American Legion is having a pasta bar.

The Mad Hatter’s Gala in Williamsville is a fundraiser for the Library.

There’s also the Furtastic Adopt-a-Thon happening in Cheektowaga.

Brian! Furtastic!  I know. 

The Southtowns Family YMCA is having its annual theme basket event to benefit the Y.

And Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament School is having their Sweetheart Sweepstakes 2020.  

And let’s not forget the meat raffles

And that’s Festival Fest. It might not always be the greatest thing to happen to Monday since the three-day weekend but you know what? We’re trying.

Have a great day and a great week and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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