Former Trump Strategic Director Matt Braynard Forms “Look Ahead America” to Fight Tech Censorship

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As the Data Strategist and Strategic Director for Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign, Matt Braynard worked tirelessly with the 2020 Trump campaign to collect data and document the instances of voting irregularities in the 2020 election.

Now as Executive Director of Look Ahead America, Braynard is looking to empower everyday Americans to fight disenfranchisement, protect their free speech rights, as well as gather tools for the establishment of free speech states.

From the website:

“Our mission is to register, educate, and enfranchise these disaffected citizens and ensure that their voices are not just heard but heeded and that the American Dream becomes their dream again.

“We will also organize and guide patriotic citizens in lobbying their state legislatures and local governments on America First initiatives like fighting corporate censorship and ensuring voter integrity.”

One of the tools Braynard plans to use is to offer training sessions to teach citizens how to lobby their State and local government to address these issues.

The organization’s first “Patriot Action” online training session was held yesterday, and Braynard plans to organize more to equip all citizens from all states on lobbying their State and local officials to demand election integrity and advocate for free speech protections.

“While private corporations are free to regulate the speech that occurs on their platforms and choose who they will or will not hire or transact business with, they are not entitled to enrich themselves with tax dollars paid by the same people whom they are denying the exercise of Constitutionally-protected speech, political activity, and gainful employment.

“The remedy to this problem is the establishment of ‘Free Speech States’ with state-level legislation that prohibits corporations who do business with the state from engaging in censorship, deplatforming, and employment discrimination.”

These sessions are held for free, and Braynard is looking to build statewide networks for greater support and empowerment.

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To sign up for more information on training sessions, volunteer, or donate to the cause, visit



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