‘Forthcoming Biden Exits Hospital in Full View of Reporters Following Foot Follow-up’ & the Media Lapdogs ON IT!

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It’s not as if the ever-beclowning liberal media lapdogs don’t caricature themselves on a daily basis, anyway, but today’s episode was among their finest efforts in a while.

The effort was made even better by at least one online left-wing rag beclowning itself by hilariously reporting as “news” the efforts of crack lapdog media reporters tracking down Joe Biden — as he emerged from the hospital “in full view” after his follow-up visit to the doc to have his broken foot checked out.

You know, the foot he broke when he “got out of the shower and [a] little pup dropped a ball in front of [him], and he “ran after the dog and grabbed his tail,” which caused him to “slide on a throw rug”? While he was “naked“? Yeah, that one.


Among multiple Pulitzer Prize-worthy reports filed on the breaking news what that of NBC News Biden campaign embed, Marianna Sotomayor — who in her tweet included 22 seconds of nail-biting video of Biden emerging from his follow-up foot appointment.

“Following his CT scan for his fractured foot, @JoeBiden turned to the press and gave us a 👍. He then seemed to suggest a supporter put on a mask after waving at them.”

A report that would have no doubt made Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite proud.

Being the consummate professional she is, Sotomayor also tweeted a teeny graphic of a statement from Biden’s office about the appointment. This is the stuff that legends made of.


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