Fox News Not Only Messed Up on Arizona, They Also Made This Huge Screw Up Election Night

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Fox has come under the gun for how they’ve dealt with the election including calling Arizona early for Joe Biden early on Election Day when indeed the count is still ongoing and the state may yet flip to President Donald Trump. Whatever they were thinking, they were obviously wrong to call it early, even if Trump ultimately were to lose the state.

That wasn’t all they did, as we reported. They had Sandra Smith caught on a hot mic absolutely mocking a guest, acting as though it wasn’t reasonable to question any of the results of the election or the network’s call for Biden. Media including Fox seems not to understand that they only make projections, we don’t actually determine the election based on what they say.

But there was more. Not only did they call Arizona early, they called the House results early and exceedingly wrong, claiming that the Democrats held the House but that they were anticipated to pick up five seats.

Bret Baier even stealth deleted the tweet despite the fact that Fox hasn’t taken back the call.

That of course was just monumentally wrong. Based on what? In fact, the Republicans gained at least 6, with likely more still to come. Seven races are still outstanding according to Cook Political Report.

So what’s Fox’s explanation for calling this so early and so wrong? What’s their explanation for Arizona and even sticking by it now still, even after others, even other liberal networks retracted their early calls? They still haven’t retracted or explained their House call while the polls were still open on the West Coast. Where’s their “we’re sorry, we messed up” segment?

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Judge Jeanine was also suspended after reportedly wanting to support Trump and do something on the voter fraud. That didn’t go over well.

Neil Cavuto also cut away from Kayleigh McEnany when she was raising questions of fraud in the election because he said the claims were unsubstantiated.

Tucker Carlson then seemed to be calling out Cavuto for doing such a thing on his show.

Now, Fox is hemorrhaging viewers. If they don’t understand why, they may want to take a look at their actions.

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