Grifter Rick Wilson Tries on His ‘Constitutional Conservative’ Hat, Gets Responses He Deserves

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I’ve written numerous times before about how when you’re trying to convince a group of people of something, that you darned well better put your best foot – and face – forward because sending out a messenger who has thoroughly and irrevocably corrupted him or herself previously on said “message” won’t do much of anything in the way of winning over friends and converts.

Apparently, the “principled” genuises at the Lincoln Project either don’t know of or don’t care about this unwritten but vital messaging rule, because they have continued to make fools of themselves in the three months after they spent tens of millions in losing causes in various House and Senate races across the country.

Prominent Lincoln Project grifter Rick Wilson is the embodiment of the type of embarrassing beclownery we’ve come to expect from them. For example, his supposed disdain for Trump supporters who wave Confederate flags at rallies is very much at odds with the Confederate flag items that were spotted in numerous pictures on his Instagram account earlier this year.

Not only that but his enthusiastic support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was very much at odds with his previous comments calling Obama’s former veep a lecherous, undignifiedmoron.”

The latest example of Wilson showcasing his “talents” aboard the Buffoonery Express was in a tweet he posted yesterday where he proclaimed Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s Democratic opponent Rev. Raphael Warnock “the constitutional conservative” in their runoff race, which is taking place today:

To see a fake “conservative” like Wilson, whose picture should be next to the word “sellout” in the dictionary, acting as though he was some type of authoritative source on what a true conservative is and isn’t was just too much for some people:

And then came the moment when Wilson’s past words came back to bite him in the you-know-where:

I think it’s safe to say that while there are many annoying Never Trumpers out there, none are more deserving of mockery and ridicule than Rick Wilson. None.

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