Heineken zero alcohol beer delights Food & Drink Festival

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If the buzz on social media was any indication of the success of the 2020 edition of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF), then it was a hit.

This was due, in large part, to the festival’s creative execution and brand partnerships that delivered on their promise.

Among the big winners was the JFDF partnership with non-alcohol brew Heineken 0.0, the latest innovation from the premium brand that launched on November 20, just in time for the festival.

Having successfully launched in 70 other markets around the world, Heineken 0.0 Rock landing was in the JFDF beer kits.

Bottles of Heineken 0.0, were accompanied by the ‘Experience in a Box’ filled with fare from the ten master chefs.

‘The presentation of those boxes was just superb, so it fit perfectly with the kind of platform we needed for Heineken 0.0.’

‘Each menu created by the amazing line up of chefs were superb making for a great partnership for the inclusiveness of Heineken 0.0 to all people, moments and drinking occasions,’ said Heineken Brand Manager Jodi Hylton.

‘Beer kits provided consumers with the choice of alcohol and non-alcohol beers.’

The new Heineken 0.0 was prominently featured and contributed to the growing cultural trend of responsible alcohol consumption and living a balanced, healthy life.

‘Overall, we are very pleased with this year’s festival,’ Hylton mentioned, adding that the JFDF’s execution matched the standards of Heineken’s global #SocializeResponsibly campaign.

In addition to Heineken 0.0, the beer kit also included the original Heineken, Red Stripe Light and Red Stripe Flavours.

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The food and beer pairing was a hit among JFDF supporters, according to festival manager Nasma Chin.

‘How can we execute differently with the same level of engagement this year?’ asked Chin.

This, especially in a year when the franchise had to pull out all the stops to impress and deliver value despite the restrictions.

‘This was the question that led us to create the Experience-in-a-Box series for JFDF2020.’

‘We gave persons a taste of the flavours and vibe they expect from our event while keeping our chefs, sponsors and partners top of mind across our activations,’ said Nasma Chin, JFDF festival manager.

‘The highlight for many was being the first to taste Heineken 0.0, it was a perfect addition to the box creating a lot of excitement in a time when we needed it the most. Cheers to Heineken!’

With 52 calories per bottle, 0.0 is targeting consumers who may have otherwise opted for a beverage without alcohol.

‘Now you can enjoy the same crisp refreshing taste as the original Heineken without the alcohol.’

‘Our brand has always actively promoted responsible drinking and we are so happy to introduce a beer that our consumers can enjoy without worrying about getting behind the wheel or adding extra calories to their diet,’ Hylton explained.

Heineken 0.0 is brewed from scratch and has a perfectly balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body.

The brand is hoping that the new non-alcohol beer will create some excitement for existing beer lovers and provide an option for those who might call for a beer but not for the alcohol.

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