Here’s How All The Aussie Acts Performed At Coachella Festival 2019

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There’s no shadow of a doubt that Aussies are absolutely killing it in the US at the moment – Americans simply cannot get enough of the A-grade talent coming out of the great land down under. And Coachella 2019 was no exception.

I mean, Tame Impala headlined the biggest day of one of the the biggest music festivals in the world. They bloody love us.

PEDESTRIAN.TV got along to the second weekend of the festival this year, and in an effort to see just how much us Aussies are beloved by American audiences, I had to see their sets for myself.


Being one of the opening acts on what is probably the most elaborate stage at the festival is a mean feat (honestly, it baffles me that the Sahara Stage isn’t the main stage) but Anna Lunoe absolutely knocked it out of the park. It was hot as Hades on Friday with the mercury reaching a top of 38º, so there may have been a few people seeking out a bit of shade, but also copped a hell of a show from the Sydney producer.


I was very intrigued to see if the deep love Aussies have for FISHER would be translated to US audiences and folks, it sure is. They absolutely fucking love the Big Fishy. The ex-pro surfer from Sydney drew in a huge crowd to the Sahara Stage, matched his outfit with his mind-bending backdrop. Oh and for the record, ‘Losing It‘ is just a huge banger in the US as it is in Aus. People just can’t get enough of that naughty fish.

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There’s no denying that the boys from Sydney have won over the US crowds, and their set on Friday evening genuinely showed that. I had bolted over to the Outdoor Stage (where Billie Eilish was to pack out the next night) from BLACKPINK, and I couldn’t even get near the entry to the front left viewing spot.

Being on at the same time as both BLACKPINK and The 1975 didn’t seem to phase the Sydney boys, as punters were literally sprinting over to the stage as they blasted through their unique brand of chilled out electronic hits.


Despite being up against Billie Eilish‘s huge set over on the Outdoor Stage on Saturday night, Berlin-via-Byron Bay group Parcels didn’t struggle to pull a solid crowd at the Gobi Stage. And they weren’t standing there idly, either. Everyone was cutting serious shapes, and the further back into the crowd (and the more space people had), the funkier the moves. Spotted one guy absolutely sending it on top of a bin.

Also having another stage being packed out at the same time that literal tens of thousands of people are crammed into another set at the same time really drives home just how many people go to Coachella every year.


Much like Anna Lunoe, the MANSIONAIR trio were given the job of opening up the Mojave stage on Sunday afternoon at Coachella 2019. It was warm, the last day is always a bit of a punish at first, when your feet are just about ready to blister off entirely, and a bunch of the crowd had sweltered through Kanye‘s Easter Sunday Service, but the Sydney threesome definitely got people moving nice and early – I’m not sure if there’s a better way to nix a three-day hangover, really.


I really don’t have to say much here, apart from the hype that Tame Impala got after their first weekend set was VERY REAL. I honestly wasn’t ready for the deep level of “proud Aussie” I felt as soon as the Perth lads smashed into ‘Let It Happen‘. I overheard people talking about Tame Impala all weekend, and just about every artist I spoke to said that they were most excited to see Kevin Parker and the absolute brain-warping light show that they put on for everyone. Christ, what a set.

Getty Images / Timothy Norris

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