How a Budget Breakdown Can Guide All of Your Wedding Expenses

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Whether you’ve been engaged for a while or only for a minute, you’ve probably already heard – from family members or friends – how planning a wedding will be a true test of resilience and maturity for your relationship. As annoying as it can be (we’ve all been there with the unsolicited advice and ad nauseam cliches, we totally get it!), it’s actually a pretty on-point assessment. Although it’s a wonderful occasion to plan for and an especially special milestone to make a big deal of [and why shouldn’t it be? you’re leveling up your love!], getting all of the preparations underway isn’t child’s play – it’s hard work and will have you experiencing a range of emotions and highs and lows from beginning to end. 

Budget planning: understanding how much money you want to spend in total, taking stock in where the contributions will be coming from, and allocating those resources to budget ‘buckets’ with intention and a balance of indulgence and restraint is a big responsibility and something that’s particularly stressful (no matter how much you have to spend!). That’s why once you’ve gotten to celebrate your engagement and live in your cloud 9 bridal bubble for a comfortable amount of time, you’ll want to tackle these bigger picture conversations early on in your planning stages and key in on your pre-aisle action items.

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