Impeachment Brings Out Bottom Feeders

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William Barber

Today marks the start of former President Trump’s second impeachment show trial even though the constitutionality of impeaching a former president is in serious question. The Democrats, spurred on by their rabid progressive base, believe they can achieve three objectives with this action. 

One, they want to stain Trump’s legacy with the distinction of being the only twice impeached president. Their hope is that impeachment will trump (no pun intended) all of the notable achievements of the Trump Administration.

Two, they believe impeachment will divide the Republican Party. The premise is if you don’t support impeachment and conviction, then you are a knuckle dragging racist who encourages violent insurrectionists and the unlawful overturning of a “fair election.”

Three, if successful, a conviction in the Senate would bar Trump from ever serving in office again. This is the Democrats ultimate aim even though it has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. This was practically guaranteed when forty five Republicans voted not to  proceed with a trial due to its questionable constitutionality. Chief Justice Roberts deciding not to preside over the trial also casts serious doubts on its constitutionality.

As of this writing, Leader’s Schumer and McConnell have not yet established all of the rules for the trial, but one request by the Democrats is that witnesses be called. One witness I’m sure the Democrats would like to call is the so called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley. Spurred on by St. Louis ambulance chasing attorney Al Watkins, (more on that later) Chansley now feels he’s been played by the former president.

I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump. He was not honorable. He let a lot of peaceful people down. I have to leave judging him up to other people. It is my aim to focus on what is important at this time. What is important is for me to apologize. I deeply regret and am very sorry I entered into the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. I should not have been there. Period. I am sorry for having aroused fear in the hearts of others. That was wrong. Period Please be patient with me and other peaceful people who, like me, are having a very difficult time piecing together all that happened to us, around us, and by us. We are good people who care deeply about our country. I was wrong. Period.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest Mr. Chansley’s change of heart may have to do with the fact he is facing six serious felony charges and his pardon was denied by President Trump. His change of heart may also coincide with his jail diet of water and baloney sandwiches. According to his attorney Al Watkins, Chansley has lost over twenty pounds because he only eats organic food.

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Attorney Watkins is a colorful figure here in St. Louis. Along with being the attorney for Chansley, he is also the attorney for Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The McCloskeys are the white wealthy St. Louis couple who were charged with brandishing weapons after Black Lives Matter protesters broke into their gated community.

But he is best known for his role in the political takedown and resignation of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens in 2018. The then married Greitens was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend and taking a nonconsensual picture of her while she was tied up and blindfolded.

In the lead up to that scandal’s unfolding, Watkins mysteriously received two $50,000 bundles of cash after agreeing to represent the disgruntled husband of former Governor Greitens’ mistress. He was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service after violating a gag order in the case.  Watkins first claimed he had no idea where the $50k came from but later changed his story and said the cash came from a blogger and newspaper publisher.

Today begins act one in a tragic comedy that makes a mockery of impeachment, the constitution and unity. Chansley and Watkins, along with partisan Congressional Democrats, are just bottom feeders and pathetic characters in this sad impeachment show trial.



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