Is It Being Stolen Or Are The American People Speaking?

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The debate over the winner of the 2020 presidential election seems to be getting more fierce as the court battles rage in battleground states. While the corporate media has conveniently called the race for former Vice President Joe Biden, activists poorly-disguised as journalists are trying to suppress stories showing the possibility of voter fraud.

However, there have already been plenty of examples demonstrating that at least some fraudulent activity has occurred with ballots in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. In fact, Republican officials recently gave a press conference in which they announced that 131 sworn affidavits have been filed as well as over 2,800 incident reports alleging voter fraud.

But the issue isn’t whether or not there was voter fraud. The issue is whether or not there was enough voter fraud to ensure that Biden becomes the next president. This is the question I answer in my video below:

It is also important to recognize that regardless of the outcome, the Republican Party will need to figure out how to remain relevant in the years to come. While the GOP won victories down-ballot, it will be important that it reimagine its overall strategy when it comes to winning the support of as many Americans as possible, including minority voters at the local and state level.


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